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What is Health and Human Performance? | Health and Human Performance

What is Health and Human Performance?

The study of Health and Human Performance has its foundations primarily in the following subjects: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Psychology and Sociology. The subject area is now recognised internationally as both an academic discipline and as an area of professional practice. The following are the major areas of study in the discipline:

Sport and Exercise Psychology

This area of study examines a broad range of sport and exercise psychology literature and research. The contributions of psychology to the study of sport and exercise, as well as how participation and performance in these environments influence and are influenced by mental factors will be evaluated.

Sport and Exercise Physiology

This area of study examines the scientific basis for understanding how the body responds to single and multiple bouts of exercise. It provides opportunities for the study of biological responses to physical activity across the lifespan.

Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

Biomechanics develops an understanding of the way in which movement is produced and controlled. An emphasis is placed on understanding the forces produced by the muscles that cause movement and the subsequent movement itself. A variety of instruments are employed in this field.

Sociology of Sport

This area of study considers the social and cultural contexts of sport in society. It examines how sport and physical activity are defined, organised and integrated into the social lives of individuals and groups in society