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What We Do

The School currently offers undergraduate degrees and post graduate opportunities in the following areas:

Athletic Therapy and Training

Preventing, treating and rehabilitating injuries in sport and physical activity.

We all know that physical activity is a necessary and important part of daily life. Unfortunately, injuries – musculoskeletal injuries in particular – are incurred by people during physical activity in sport, leisure and work. An Athletic Therapist and Trainer (ATT) is an important member of the overall health care profession who specialises in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries across all ages, standards of sporting ability and population types (including for example, people with a disability). We want you to qualify with excellent medical knowledge, clinical skills, communication skills, confidence, problem solving skills and extensive practical experience. Importantly, you should also develop a profound respect for patients and a highly professional approach when dealing with them.

 Physical Education and Biology

 Physical Education and Mathematics

Making Physical Education an essential part of our children’s education and development.

Physical education is an important influence on the long-term health of our children. As such it is an integral part of the education process, one that promotes the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of a child, as well as their attitude to activity, learning and each other. This is embraced through involvement in games, health related fitness, aquatics, gymnastics, dance and athletics.

Biology is fundamental to the knowledge and understanding of the body and how it works; clearly an excellent subject to combine with physical education. As a graduate you will be qualified to teach general science to Junior Certificate level and PE and biology to Leaving Certificate level.

Mathematics is a key subject in the understanding of the modern world. A basic understanding of mathematics is important to everyone in their day to day lives, while an advanced understanding underpins many commercial areas as diverse as international financial systems and the use of statistics in sport and health. This makes the job of teaching mathematics hugely important. As a graduate you will be qualified to teach PE and mathematics to Leaving Certificate level.

The PE, Biology and Mathematics elements of these courses have obtained Teachers’ Registration Council approval.



Sports Science and Health

Putting science into sport and physical activity.

Sport and exercise scientists study, research and advise on the scientific factors influencing sport and exercise. From this detailed knowledge they can give specialist advice (based on research) on improving individual or team performance. They also design and administer appropriate methods of assessment, thus creating exercise or training programmes. These programmes could be of a therapeutic, technical, physiological or psychological nature, and cover areas like exercise rehabilitation, psychological preparation for competition, movement analysis, dietary considerations and strength training.