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School of Nursing & Human Sciences

Living Well With Illness, Disability and Technology Cognitive and Behavioural Neurosciences Child Health Health Systems Research Translational Biomedical Sciences
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Living Well With Illness, Disability and Technology

Our research enables people, whatever their stage in life, with disabilities or illnesses, to achieve optimal physical, psychological and social functioning. We also focus on interventions to enhance health and social outcomes for people by empowering and enabling them to live well:

  • How people experience and adjust to illness and disability.
  • The role of technology in enabling people to live personally meaningful lives.
  • Child and family health communication.
  • Psycho-prosthetics.
  • Cancer survivorship.
  • Bereavement and palliative care.

Current research initiatives include:

  • Disclosure challenges faced by children living with epilepsy and parent-child dialogue about epilepsy and its associated stigma.
  • Access, decision-making and experiences of palliative care services for families of children with non-malignant life-limiting conditions.
  • In cancer survivorship, we are developing a self-management intervention to promote living well with and beyond head and neck cancer.
  • In amputation and prosthetic research, an exemplar project is the role of cognitive functioning in prosthetic rehabilitation outcomes.

We also research novel ways to fit high-tech to personal, health and social gain. It's all about supporting independent living over the life course and sustainable health and social care.

For further information on current research, recent projects, and prospects for collaboration, please contact Professor Pamela GallagherDr Veronica Lambert or Dr Gemma Kiernan.