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School of Nursing & Human Sciences

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Society, Health and Sexuality

The understanding of health systems change in Europe needs to grasp, besides macro-level processes, the social relations of the people who work in and use healthcare services. At the School of Nursing and Human Sciences we adopt a broad-ranging but also fine-grained view of the challenges globalisation poses to health services in Europe by using anthropological lenses to examine:

  • Health care privatisation
  • The mobility of health care workers and health care seekers
  • European governance
  • Collective responses

The assumptions behind these studies is that living well with illness is a function of the fair distribution of access to health care services and of social rewards for care work in the society, and linked with questions of social justice and ethical issues in healthcare.

Dr Sabina Stan specialises in anthropological approaches to transnational migrant health care practices in the EU, healthcare reform and informal healthcare practices in Central and Eastern Europe. She has developed several international research projects in:

  • Informatisation of Eastern European healthcare services.
  • Managerialism in health care in Canada and Europe.
  • European east-west migration.
  • Transnational collective action responses to health care migration and privatisation.

Dr Mel Duffy is a founding member of the EROSS – Expressions, Research, Orientations: Sexuality Studies, a cross-faculty research group for DCU academics exploring developments and disparities in sexual cultures, sexual identities and gender role formation across the life span. Areas of investigation include all sexualities from cultural, ethical, historical, health and social foundations of sexuality.

For further information on current research, recent projects, and prospects for collaboration, please contact Dr Sabina Stan or Dr Mel Duffy.