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DCU Sports Academy

Sport Scholarships 

DCU Sports Academy - Sports Scholarships

DCU Sports Academy rewards successful sportspeople who have invested significant time and effort into developing their sporting career and high performance. The programme is athlete led and grades support depending on the athlete's achievement, potential and need, with the objective of remaining flexible to support the diverse needs of athletes.
Each DCU Sports Academy scholar receive a range of supports ranging from academic supports to high performance coaching all of which are coordinated by DCU Sport Academy Staff.

 Sport Scholarships are only offered to students that have met the DCU admission requirements through the CAO system and are enrolled on a programme of academic study at DCU. The Scholarship Programme is coordinated by the GAA Academy and is separate to the Elite Sportspersons Entry Scheme that is coordinated by Registry. Talented athletes that wish to be considered for the Elite Sportspersons Entry Scheme will need to make a separate application to Registry at DCU. The offer of a Sport Scholarship award does not include any special reductions in entry criteria or the offer of an academic place at DCU. 


The benefits of a DCU Sport Scholarship award may include:

Membership to the University Sports Complex and high performance facilities:

  • High Performance Gym
  • 25m Recovery Pool
  • Ice baths
  • Indoor Sprint Track
  • Flexibility Studio
  • 36O Degree Athlete Centred Services
  • Subsidised campus accommodation
  • Financial support for academic fees, equipment, books, travel to competition etc.
  • High Performance Education Talks and Workshops
  • Goal Setting and Performance Planning
  • Career Guidance Support
  • Personal tuition (where necessary)
  • Access to National & International elite competition
  • Fitness Testing
  • Sports Injury Management
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Biomechanical Analysis

*Please note support services are dependent on the grade of scholarship awarded and may be paid in full or subsidised. Additional support may be given to athletes on a discretionary basis by request to the Sport Scholarship Committee.


To apply for the DCU Sports Scholarship programme athletes must fulfil the eligibility criteria listed below**:

  • Applications will be considered from current students and from prospective students. To be considered for a sport scholarship prospective students must meet the DCU admission requirements through the CAO system and must enroll on a programme of academic study at DCU. Current students must show academic progression and maintain a satisfactory academic standard throughout the duration of their course.


  • Compete and perform at International, National, Inter-provincial, Inter-County and/or Senior Club level


  • Maintain an appropriate level of commitment to the DCU sports club in your sport, in intervarsity and other competitions and/or training


  • Contribute to the administration, coaching, promotion and development of the DCU club

**Please note that meeting all the above criteria does not mean automatic acceptance to the Scholarship Programme. The eligibility and selection criteria reflect the evolving nature of the Sport Scholarship Programme and DCU reserves the right to amend the criteria for selection according to the requirements of the scheme.


How to apply:


The Sport Scholarship application form for  2017-2018 is available to download here.

The closing date for Athletics applications is the 1st of May 2018.  

The closing date for GAA Sports (Football, Camogie, Handball & Hurlingis the 1st of May 2018*.


*GAA applicants will also be assessed on their commitment and contribution to their respective DCU sports club during semester 1, as well as applicants current level of performance to include frequency and duration of achievement, potential in sport and interview performance.