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Exam Bootcamp

Are you worried about upcoming exams? Not too sure where to start with your study or how to manage stress in the exam build-up? Maybe it's time to attend Exam Bootcamp!


Exam Bootcamp is a series of workshops run by DCU Student Support & Development over the course of a week during the exam study period. The sessions are provided by expert Life Coaches, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists from the Student Support & Development team. You can come to any or all of the workshops as you see fit!


What students say

  • "I found each class 100% helpful. My study skill and time management has improved immensely. I have learnt to relax and calm myself when I feel tensed up. Before I came here I was demotivated. But now I know that I can and I will conquer these exams."
  • "There are multiple problems that students can face and the workshops cover most if not all of them and the advisors were always open for a talk if you want to discuss a point further."


Timetable 2021-22

Exam Bootcamp takes place at the beginning of the exam study period. The next upcoming programme dates will be announced closer to the end of Semester 1. 

The live one-hour webinars will cover the following topics: 

  • Revision Strategies 
  • Motivation for Exams 
  • Managing Exam Stress 
  • Exam Performance 

How to access

A course Loop page will be made available for students to self-enrol. 


Can't attend the live sessions?

The webinar slides and other useful resources will be available on our Loop page, and you can also check out Discover Exam Success, our interactive online course available 24-7 on Develop. Topics include:

  • Preparation for study
  • Active learning strategies
  • Exam performance
  • After the exams