Head Start Writing (mature students)

Head Start Writing

The Student Learning team and the Mature Student Officer work collaboratively to provide an annual writing week for incoming first-year mature students. This week-long course is an opportunity for mature students to refresh their academic writing skills before returning to university. Incoming mature students will be sent communication regarding the event beforehand. 

Mature students writing together at a desk.

In advance of the  academic year 2020/21, Head Start Writing week takes place from the 7th to 11th September 2020 (dates are provisional and subject to change). The course will be provided online through a mix of self-guided resources and live Zoom webinars.

This course is only open to incoming first year mature students. All students in this cohort will receive notification in advance from the Mature Student Officer on how to register for the course. 

Further information on pre-entry events for incoming mature students is available here.



Get Motivated

Topic 1.1Welcome
Topic 1.2Student stories
Topic 1.3Discover Your Community
2pm Live Webinar 1Get Motivated


Get Started 

Topic 2.1Intro to academic writing
Topic 2.2Assignment types & marking schemes
Topic 2.3Analyse the Question
Topic 2.4Brainstorm
2pm Live Webinar 2Get Started


Get Researching 

Topic 3.1Discover Research Skills
2 pm Live Webinar 3Get Researching


Get Writing

Topic 4.1Assignment planning
Topic 4.2First draft: paragraphs
Topic 4.3Introductions
Topic 4.4Conclusions
2 pm Live Webinar 4Get Writing


Get Editing

Topic 5.1Revising and editing
Topic 5.2

What is plagiarism? And how to avoid it

Topic 5.3How to cite and reference
2 pm Live webinar 5Get Editing