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For Staff

We offer a range of services to staff in working with students.


Staff can advise students to avail of the Writing Centre for writing issues. For any other study or academic development issues students can book an Individual Learning Consultation.


A full list of student resources for studying and completing assignments are available here. Furthermore, all staff can access the Discover DCU series through thier own Loop page. Staff can upload these resources to their Loop module pages and also link directly to individual Discover DCU courses (e.g. Discover Assignment Writing) to encourage students to engage with these materials when completing assignments or preparing for exams.

Class VisitsPhoto of students in a lecture hall.

We can visit your class to provide a quick ten-minute talk on what services we offer and how students can avail of them.

Writing Instruction

We can work with you to provide some writing instruction for your class. We have stock workshops on Assignment Writing, Scientific Writing, Literature Reviews and Critical Writing that one of our Writing Centre tutors can work on with you to team-teach in-class. We can also provide materials to you that you can modify and deliver yourself in whatever way works for your student cohort.

To contact the Student Learning team to arrange a class visit or team-teaching session please email student.learning@dcu.ie.

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