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Study Skills Appointments

Study Skills Appointments

"Really good hour, learnt lots of new things and some tips to help with future work. Thanks!" - DCU student

NOTE: All appointments for Writing Queries can be made through the DCU Writing Centre website.

An individual Study Skills appointment provides you with the opportunity to meet an expert Student Learning Officer to  develop learning strategies for study that suit your individual learning style. The service is available to all DCU students and is free of charge.

What to expect

You can decide what to focus on but the appointment may address:

  • Reading strategies
  • Time management tips
  • Organisational skills for managing your workload
  • Note taking skills
  • Group work tips
  • Presentation techniques
  • Revision strategies
  • Exam preparation tips
Image of Alicia Menendez-Tarrazo

Dr. Alicia Menendez-Tarrazo

Alicia joined the DCU Student Learning team in January 2020. She has a PhD in English Literature and extensive previous experience as a lecturer in addition to her experience in student support.

Image of Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy

Cillian is a Chartered Educational Psychologist (Ps.S.I) who has extensive experience working across student support services in several different higher education institutions since 2013. He commenced his current role in DCU in 2017.

We gather student feedback after every single appointment. In 2019-20, 95% of students rated their appointment as 'excellent'.

Students' comments:

  • "I received some good practical steps - about 6 different things that I was happy to do to get me started from a place of 'stuck' to moving forward with my college work. Very happy."
  • "Great practical advice for taking notes and reading. Thank you."
  • "I feel a lot more clear headed after this!"

Book an appointment

All appointments are currently being offered online due to Covid-19 campus restrictions.

Select any time that suits from the calendar below. Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see the DATA PRIVACY notice below for further information.

REMEMBER: All appointments for Writing Queries can be made through the DCU Writing Centre website.


Appointments are booked using the You Can Book Me and Zoom online platforms. You Can Book Me is an online calendar service which allows you to book an appointment using a self-service option. Zoom is a video conferencing platform. You Can Book me and Zoom integrate to provide an automated booking system that generates online video-call appointment links for users. This service is optional. You can also book an appointment by contacting our service directly at:

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