Writing and Study Resources

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Our online study skills resources are available 24/7

Click on the tabs below to find bespoke resources on the key academic skills you need to succeed at university. These include the Discover DCU series of interactive courses. Where support is not provided by our service, we have included links to the relevant services within DCU.

All of these tools and more are available on the DEVELOP Loop page.

Discover Note Taking and Effective Reading is a short interactive course that will help you make the most of your lectures and readings. Topics include: 

  • Note taking tips
  • Effective reading strategies

Watch this video on lifestyle balance create by the Disability and Learning Support Service Occupational Therapists.

Discover Groupwork and Presentations is a short interactive course that provides practical tips on working with others and giving presentations. Topics include: 

  • Managing groupwork
  • Delivering presentations

Discover Exam Success is a short interactive course on effective learning strategies and optimal exam performance. Topics include: 

  • Preparation for study
  • Active learning strategies
  • Exam performance
  • Feedback

Discover Assignment Writing is a short interactive course on how to write a clear and focused academic paper. Topics include: 

  • Key features of academic writing
  • Essays
  • Other types of assignments
  • Feedback and support

Further Academic Writing support is provided by the Writing Centre. You can visit the Writing Centre website for in-depth Academic Writing resources, including how-to videos, interactive courses, and detailed infographics

Discover Critical Thinking and Writing is a short interactive course that will help you develop your critical thinking and writing skills. Topics include: 

  • Critical thinking strategies
  • Critical writing tips

Research Skills support is provided by the DCU Library. You can log on to LETS: Library E-Tutorial for Students, for more in-depth resources on how to locate, evaluate and use information effectively. You can also find specific information for your discipline in the relevant Subject Guide for your area. 

Citing and Referencing support is provided by the DCU Library. Please visit the Library website for resources, including style guides and how-to videos, reference management tools, workshops and individual support.

Support with Mathematics is provided by the Maths Learning Centre.

The Digital Skills tab on the DEVELOP loop page contains information and resources for digital tools for learning.

Further support with technology is provided by ISS (Information Systems Services).