Writing & study resources

Writing and Study Resources

Students can log on 24-7 to Discover DCU, DCU's interactive orientation and study skills module, by clicking here.

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In addition, this webpage contains resources for learning developed by DCU Student Learning, and also provides links to resources developed by The University of New England, The University of Auckland, The University of Manchester, Queens University Belfast, Learn Higher, Jade Muncy, the University of Kent, the University of Cumbria, the University of Limerick, the University of Toronto, the University of Leeds, University of Leicester, the University of Bedfordshire and the University of North Carolina.

 Assignment Writing 

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Essentials of Academic Writing


Writing for the Sciences

Literature Reviews

Research Report Writing

Writing for Law Students

Critical Writing

Book Reviews

Reflective Writing

Annotated Bibliography


Writing feedback

Effective Reading 

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 Learning Technology 

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There are many apps and extensions for Google Chrome that can help with studying and writing at university. We can recommend the following tools, which you can search on google to add to your chrome browser:

  1. Grammarly: An advanced spelling and grammar check
  2. Blocksite: A web blocker to beat procrastination
  3. Diigo: A quick and simple web researching tool
  4. Simple Pomodoro: A timer to help get you working
  5. Quizlet: An aid to help create amazing flashcards

You can also access free software that reads text aloud from the screen called Claroread and free midn-mapping software called Mindjet Mindmanager from the DCU Assistive Technology website.