DCU Graduate Attributes

DCU Graduate Attributes

Creative and Enterprising

DCU students are encouraged to be innovative in their approaches to problem-solving. DCU graduates will be adaptable and willing to pursue new ideas.


DCU emphasises the use of evidence and understanding as guides to action. DCU graduates will be adept at applying knowledge to issues encountered in the workplace and in society.

Effective Communicators

DCU motivates students to appreciate the importance of communication in all its dimensions. DCU graduates will be able to draw on appropriate skills to negotiate effectively, to collaborate, and to influence others.

Globally Engaged

DCU encourages students to be locally and globally aware, to value tolerance and cultural diversity, and to be committed to civic engagement. DCU graduates will understand the importance of engaging with their communities in an ethically responsible manner.

Active Leaders

DCU focuses strongly on the development of leadership skills. Graduates will appreciate that it is their personal responsibility to take the initiative and to effect change for the better in every walk of life.

Committed to Continuous Learning

DCU promotes a spirit of inquiry, reflection and evaluation. DCU graduates will have learned that knowledge is not fixed or static, and that insights and skills can always be deepened and developed.