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S2/Week 9  March 26th - April 1st 2018

Focus on iconFocus this Week: :

  • Citing and Referencing – Avoiding Plagiarism

Citing and Referencing Correctly:

At this time of the year, you are no doubt busy writing up assignments and completing projects. As you progress in your studies, you are expected to be able to cite and reference sources correctly and ensure that you are not unwittingly using other people's thoughts and ideas without giving them due credit. This is a skill which takes time and plenty of practice – but there is no excuse for loosing marks in this area, as plenty of help is available. Make sure to take the time to go through the library's comprehensive guide to citing and referencing – if you learn to work with this now, you will save yourself valuable time throughout the years of your degree. The library has an excellent resource, which will help you understand correct citing and referencing procedures.

Plagiarism, which is basically when somebody uses somebody elses thoughts without referencing them, is taken very seriously in the University and you really need to be meticulous about citing and referencing. A student who is suspected of plagiarism risks not only having to repeat the module in question but potentially all modules in the Semester or, indeed, year, as a penalty for this serious offence. Simply don't take any chances. If you are under time pressure, speak to your module lecturer directly, rather than taking any chances of doing 'sloppy' work or 'copying and pasting' from various sources without correctly referencing.

Pathways to Success Programme

The 'Pathways to Success' programme is a 4 week programme that will enable students to set goals, build resilience, self-confidence and create a strategy to creating success in their life. This is a great programme as it enables students to take time for themselves and look at what they want from their life. Throughout the four weeks, we will look at ways to create clear goals, build strategies to maintain motivation and build the resilience and self-confidence to reach your goals.  Those who attend the 4 weeks will be presented with a 'Certificate of Completion'.

The programme takes place on the Glasnevin campus on Thursdays at 1.00pm beginning March 22nd and on the St Patrick's campus on Thursdays at 1.00pm beginning March 22nd.

To register to attend the programme, click here.