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Week 1/Semester 2: 29th Jan - 2nd February 2018


Focus on iconFocus this Week: : Reflecting on Semester One Examinations / Assessments

Examination results will be published on your Student Apps pages on Wednesday 14th February so until then, you need to focus on the coming semester and try not to worry. This week, we will focus on answering some of the niggling questions, which may be going through your minds, so that you can put the heads down and focus on the lectures, rather than wondering what 'might happen'.

Progressing to Semester Two:

Whether or not you have passed all of your assignments and examinations, you can progress to Semester Two and should attend lectures etc. as normal. Semester One examination marks are 'provisional', which means that, for various reasons, the marks may change at the Examination Boards in June.

Repeat Examinations & Assessments:

If you do end up having to repeat an official written examination, you will need to do this during the official examination period in August (7th - 20th  August 2018). Repeat assignment / Continuous Assessment repeat procedures are outlined here and should be discussed with your lecturer, who will give you a submission date for Summer. Don't worry about these until the official results come out in June, however, as that is when you will know whether you need to actually repeat anything or not. A full academic calendar for the Academic Year 2017/2018 can be downloaded here

For now, that's all we will say about the exams. We'll come back to them shortly, when the results come out.