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Student Support & Development

Orientation for all Undergraduate Students 2018/2019

Complete Discover DCU Pre-Orientation courses available at (simply log on with your usename and password you received with your registration pack) 

17th - 21st September 2018

Undergraduate Orientation for all undergraduate students takes place during the week of 17th to 21st September. The full schedule for your programme can be accessed here. All students need to attend orientation so that they are ready for lectures on Monday, 24th September!

Message from the Director of Student Support & Development

Dr. Claire Bohan

By the time you read this, you will most likely have received your offer letter for DCU and will be getting ready to start your student journey with us. As this is a whole new experience, you may well have some questions, so feel free to mail us at or ring 01 700 7165 or 01 884 2004 for answers to any of your questions.

The University experience is quite unique and you are about to embark on a wonderful period in your life, which is full of hard work, new challenges and amazing opportunities to develop yourself personally, professionally and academically. These opportunities will not come to you unless you engage wholeheartedly in the entire range of activities, which the University has to offer - so it is worth making a promise to yourself now that you will actively seek out and embrace these, and really benefit from the three or four years ahead of you. The following will give you some insight into what DCU has on offer:

Academic Structure of Programme: You will find an overview of the modules (courses) on your programme here. This will help you get a good feeling for the programme over the coming years.

Clubs and Societies

There are so many really well organised clubs and societies at the University - and the support and facilities available are second to none. Involvement in club and society life is a sure way of developing all of those life skills which will give you a real jump start personally and in your future career. It is also a great way of making friends quickly and learning something new, or simply continuing with a pastime you currently enjoy. You'll get information on how to join these clubs and societies during Orientation Week (11th - 15th  September).

Apart from the new physical environment, the other big change will be the new learning environment, which is quite different to anything you may have previously experienced. You will receive information about the layout of your programme, any books which you may require or other equipment (e.g. lab coats etc.) during the Orientation Week, so don't worry about this for now. Academic Workshops are offered on some of the skills which students find challenging during their first year at University (e.g. note-taking, time management, presentation skills etc.), so keep an eye out for these when you arrive. The only other practical piece of 'preparation' which is possible at this point is to make sure that you have a dedicated, clutter-free study space and the usual pens etc., which you will need to be able to prepare for the work which lies ahead.

The following information may also be of help you to:

Before you arrive:

Take a look at our online series called 'Discover DCU' and have a look at 'Discover Your Community' and 'Discover Your DCU'.  These short courses will introduce you to life at DCU. 


On-campus accommodation may still be available. Contact details can be found at here

How to get to DCU:

Whether you plan to get the bus, train or drive, you will find full details here.

For now, that's all you need to know! Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to meeting you during Orientation Week (September 17th - 21st 2018) and getting to know you over the coming years. You can find the full Orientation Schedule for your programme here.

Don't forget to simply get in touch if you have any questions at all which you would like answered prior to joining us.


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