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Undergraduate Orientation Programme 2022

General Orientation

General orientation features both online and on-campus activities.

Online activities can be accessed via the ‘Discover’ programme in ‘My DCU’ on Loop. You can access these activities after you receive your username and password when you register with DCU

On-campus activity gets underway from Monday, 19 September, to Friday, 24 September.


Programme Orientation

Programme orientation takes place from Monday, 19 September, to Friday, 24 September. 

Accessing your Programme Orientation Schedules - 1st Year Full-time On-Campus Students

Dates and times for programme orientation depend on your programme - you can find you programme specific information in your programme page on Loop and in ‘My DCU’. You will need your username and password to gain access to Loop.

Remember, you must attend your programme orientation on the week starting Monday 19th September.  You have also been allocated specific slots for Card Collection. 

Important: Your programme team may be in contact with you directly so please also check your email (personal and DCU).

Please note that rooms and times are subject to change and you should check your programme calendars, the Orientation Schedule Overview and your programme page in Loop regularly.

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Finding your way around campus

DCU has three academic campuses - so check you’re heading to the right campus. We have information on each of the campuses and buildings below. 

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Glasnevin Campus (GLA)

Rooms for Orientation are listed on the Programme Calendars with their codes – for example, XG19 means: X (Lonsdale Building), G (Ground Floor), 19 (Room Number). If in doubt, ask one of the Student Helpers!

Click here for Glasnevin Campus Map


  • Q     DCU Business School
  • C      Henry Grattan Building (including The Street)
  • H      School of Nursing & Human Sciences
  • K      Student Centre
  • L      McNulty Building
  • N      Marconi Building
  • S      Stokes Building/Annex
  • T      Terence Larkin Theatre (large round building opposite The Helix)
  • X      Lonsdale Building
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 St Pat’s Campus Drumcondra (SPC)

 Click here for St Patrick’s Campus Map

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G

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Book a campus tour

Book a Campus Tour

A campus tour is a great way to get to know DCU, and one of our most popular features during Orientation.

The tours take the same route but start at different points. Click on the links below to get started. 

Go to your preferred location 10 minutes before the tour starts so you can be checked in. 

Campus Tours
Glasnevin Campus St Patrick's Campus and All Hallows

DCU Letters at the Helix

Go to the white DCU letters outside the Helix

DCU Letters at the Collins Ave entrance

Go to the white DCU letters outside the Nursing Building

St Patricks  Campus F Block

Go to the F Block Library entrance

DCU Albert College

Go to the Albert College Entrance


DCU U Student Building

Go to the 'U' Student Building.



Icon illustrating 'My DCU'
What is 'My DCU'?

‘My DCU’ is your student information hub, and is for all incoming students. You will be able to log in to ‘My DCU’ at Loop as soon as you receive your username and password from the Registry. 

We encourage new students to log into ‘My DCU’ as soon as you can and go straight to the 'Discover' course, which allows you start your orientation in DCU. Do as many activities as you can before on-campus orientation begins on Monday, 19 September. 

You can do the following: 

  • Log on to ‘My DCU’ as soon as you get your log-in details from DCU.
  • Work through ‘Discover', our online transitions programme designed to help you settle in.
  • Participate in self-directed activities, collect experience points and fun competitions!
  • Access your Orientation calendars for your online and on campus activities over the Orientation period. 
  • Click on the ‘Ask’ button to link in with our DCU Student Advice Centre team.
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Mature Student Orientation

The Head Start Programme gets underway starts on Tuesday, 6th September, with on-campus and online sessions available for new mature students.

For a full timetable of events, please read this attachment Head Start Live 6-8th September Schedule (1).docx


Icon signposting information for new Access students
ACCESS Orientation

The key objective of the Access Orientation Programme is to assist students to make the transition into the third-level learning environment. There is an emphasis on making friends, getting to know the DCU campus, DCU Access staff and all the supports the university has to offer.

Details on Orientation for students participating in the Access programme can be accessed here 

Icon signposting information for 'My DCU' events
My DCU Events (14 - 16 September)
  • There will be a mix of online, live webinars from 12pm to 2pm daily. These fun events are brought to you by DCU Students’ Union and professional support services and are designed to help you get ready.
  • Check out the schedule for this week on My DCU
  • Faculty-specific Active *Consent workshops (40mins) will run between 3pm and 4:15pm. Check your schedule on My DCU for details about your workshop.
  • There will be no onsite activities during this week. 
Icon signposting information about On Campus events
On Campus Events (19 -23 September)