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Grants & Scholarships

SUSI Grant (Higher Education Grant)

Student wishing to apply for a SUSI grant should contact SUSI for details. For more details, go to 

Change of Family Income

A student whose family income has changed can apply to be considered for a grant (or an increased level of grant) at any stage in his/her programme. The basis for such an application can be the current family situation rather than income in the last financial year.


The SUSI grant is not normally paid during a repeat year. However, if it can be shown that illness was the reason for repeating, SUSI may agree to pay the grant during the repeat year.

Transfer Students

While transfer students can continue or commence a Grant or VEC Scholarship on transferring to one of our degree programmes, the first year at DCU is unfunded. This happens if a diploma-holder transfers into second year, or a certificate-holder into first year. The University is not normally able to make good this deficiency by means of the Remission of Fees Scheme of the Financial Assistance Service.

Postgraduate Students

These students can continue their SUSI Grant or apply for one if they satisfy the means test and have not completed another postgraduate course.

For more information on maintenance grants, please go to

Scholarships in DCU

There are a variety of scholarships available in DCU to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Please go to for more details.