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The  Leadership POD is a development programme for emerging student leaders in Dublin City University.  We recognise that the skills and competencies gained through involvement in club, societies, Student’s Union and volunteering are an integral part of the student experience and can give you the essential skills to develop your club or society as well as the employability skills that employers want!  The Leadership POD aims to provide a framework where you can learn and develop as you run your clubs and societies, through development days, training, workshops and resources. The programme is supported by the DCU Sports Development Service.

 The Leadership POD is a key component of DCU’s Generation 21 initiative and Graduate Attributes.  Generation 21 is a unique programme of initiatives whose purpose is to shape our graduates into well-rounded individuals ready to make an impact on society and on the workforce.

In collaboration with industry DCU has identified the following graduate attributes which we aspire to develop through a student’s time at DCU.  Through involvement in class work and student activities students will be supported in becoming:

  1. Creative and Enterprising
  2. Solution-Oriented
  3. Effective Communicators
  4. Globally Engaged
  5. Active Leaders
  6. Committed to Continuous Learning 

As a club or society leader you will have access to many exciting and challenging activities to develop your leadership skills.  Your leadership journey start here!

To download a copy of the Leadership POD programme for 2014-2015 click here


Workshops & Training opportunities

We offer a number of training and development opportunities to help you run your activities but also develop your graduate attributes and leaderships skills. These are:

Club Committee Training & Development Programme

A comprehensive training and development programme is available for Club & Society Committees. This programme provides individuals with the skills required to manage their Sports Club effectively. The programme includes workshops on finance, marketing, running events, health & safety and many more topics!

High Performance Education Talks and Workshops

We offer workshops for Sport Scholarship athletes on time management, skill development, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

Reward & Recognition for your hard work!

You work hard developing your Clubs & Socs.You put in endless hours organizing events, balancing the books, planning trips, designing posters and much more. We value the hard work that you do developing Clubs & Socs, and the buzz and excitement that your activities make to life in DCU. Here are some of the ways that we recognize and reward your hard work!

DCU Sports Awards

The DCU Sports Awards are the highlight of the sporting calendar. The Awards are held every April and celebrate your sporting successes and also your hard work running your sports clubs throughout the year. Awards range from individual, team and clubs awards for club development and sports achievement.

Uaneen Module

The Uaneen Module is a unique scheme that formally recognises the work done and learning acquired by students with University and outside clubs, societies, and community work and extra-curricular activity in general. DCU is the first third level institution in the Republic of Ireland to reward extracurricular activity in such a manner. For more information visit

Graduate Attributes

DCU has identified six Graduate Attributes which every DCU student will develop and every DCU graduate will possess upon graduation. These Attributes are underpinned by clusters of specific aptitudes and proficiencies, which are acquired through formal and informal learning opportunities throughout the student's academic career.

These attributes are:

Creative and Enterprising

    • DCU students are encouraged to be innovative in their approaches to problem-solving. DCU graduates will be adaptable and willing to pursue new ideas.


    • DCU emphasises the use of evidence and understanding as guides to action. DCU graduates will be adept at applying knowledge to issues encountered in the workplace and in society

Effective Communicators

    • DCU motivates students to appreciate the importance of communication in all its dimensions. DCU graduates will be able to draw on appropriate skills to negotiate effectively, to collaborate, and to influence others.

Globally Engaged

    • DCU encourages students to be locally and globally aware, to value tolerance and cultural diversity, and to be committed to civic engagement. DCU graduates will understand the importance of engaging with their communities in an ethically responsible manner.

Active Leaders

    • DCU focuses strongly on the development of leadership skills. Graduates will appreciate that it is their personal responsibility to take the initiative and to effect change for the better in every walk of life.

Committed to Continuous Learning

  • DCU promotes a spirit of inquiry, reflection and evaluation. DCU graduates will have learned that knowledge is not fixed or static, and that insights and skills can always be deepened and developed.