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Sports Development Service

Moya Ryan

Course of Study

Physical Education with Biology



Best sporting achievement 

Winning a silver and bronze medal at the European Junior event, the Hellas Open in 2016. Also, my selection for the Irish U19 Team to travel to the European Junior Championships in April in 2017.

Sporting hero

I see Natalya Coyle as a great role model for Irish female athletes. She is a modern pentathlete, which means she competes in five disciplines. She has a gruelling training schedule to maintain her level at all five of these disciplines and I admire her time and dedication to her sport. She has also successfully raised the profile of her sport because of her achievements at the highest level. I think it is clear her hard work and talent have helped her rise to one of the best in the world at her sport. I plan to follow her example of grit and determination in order to succeed at the highest level and I too also hope to raise the profile of my sport. 

Career ambition 

My career ambition is to reach the highest level of my sport and to compete with the best players in the world. I want to represent my country at the Olympic Games.

How you got involved in the sport

I began playing at age seven when my mother was a coach in our local club. I loved the sport from the very beginning and when I was ten I began to compete and play at a more serious level. I love every aspect of the game, the excitement, the tactics and the buzz you get after a great training session or a big win. I have been hooked ever since.

Favourite method of recovery

I like to start my recovery by taking some time in a quiet corner while foam rolling and stretching. I use this time to make some notes about my performance during the session or matches, and try to identify areas where I could improve. I try to make sure I re-hydrate in this period also.

Future up and coming star in your sport

Nhat Ngyuen

Favourite venue

National Indoor Arena in Blanchardstown.

Best sports advice you have received

No matter how you feel, it is always important to give 100%. Attitude is so important, and if your attitude is right, it is half the battle. 

Biggest challenge you have overcome in sport

During my Leaving Cert year, I travelled to Dublin after school from Clare 2/3 times a week for training. This was very challenging as I needed to balance my study and also wanted to maintain a high level of performance in my sport. It was a 5 hour round trip which made it difficult to also find enough time for rest and recovery. However, this year I am based full time in Dublin and along with the brilliant facilities in DCU I am able to train every day in the National Badminton Center in Marino. 

Pre-competition rituals/superstitions

I always pack my bag the same way before training and competition. This has become my ritual for being prepared to go on court. I use music during my warm up to help me focus and be prepared to perform. I like to arrive at competition venues in plenty of time to allow me to mentally and physically prepare for my matches.

Something we don't know about you

Until I was twelve I was a keen Irish dancer and won a few Munster dancing medals. I also played the mandolin.