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Sports Development Service

Sarah CurranSarah Curran receives her Sport Scholarship from Professor Daire Keogh, Deputy President of DCU

Course of Study

Children's & General Nursing



Best DCU achievement

Irish College Tennis Ladies Champions two years running 

Best non DCU achievement 

I became the Irish Junior Champion u14 in 2011 when I won the end of summer completion in Fitzwilliam. From then on in I have been one of the top players in my age group each year, at some point in all the seasons holding the top ranking in Ireland.

Sporting hero

Rodger Federer, because personally I believe he is just on another level. The amount of skill and class he has in his game is something I truly admire.

Career ambition 

Currently I am studying Childrens and General Nursing in 2nd year. So I would say at the end of the day the ambition is to qualify as a nurse, and travel the world working and bring my love of tennis around with me to new clubs and tournaments ultimately.

How you got involved in the sport

When I was 5, I joined the Kit Kats Parks Tennis League around the corner from my house. They saw potential in me there and referred me on to different coaches and Leinster Tennis, and it all took off from there!

Favourite method of recovery

Have a warm down, stretch while listening to music and have a bath straight after 

Future up and coming star in your sport

In professional terms Alexander Zverev. From an Irish perspective, there are two junior players, Simon Carr and Georgia Drummy that are both definitely up and coming in tennis.

Favourite venue

Fitzwilliam LTC, my tennis club. 

Best sports advice you have received

To never give up and fight for every single point. Tennis is such a great sport because even if the other person has a match point and is streets ahead of you in games, you can still turn the game around and win it, which is why I believe fighting for every point is so crucial. 

Biggest challenge you have overcome in sport

When I got tendinitis when I was 15, it was hard to come back and compete after it.

Pre-competition rituals/superstitions

Put my phone away and listen to music to pump me up, after a good breakfast and a smoothie

Something we don't know about you

I love to travel! In 2016 I went to 13 countries!