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Sports Development Service

Sports Awards and Recognition

Sports Awards 2015


It's Awards time and a great opportunity to get recognition for your members and club for the achievements, developments and innovation during the year!

The DCU Club Awards will be held on Tuesday the 7th of April, 2015 in the Crowne Plaza, Northwood, Santry. Below are the Club Award Nomination Forms and a description of each award.


Deadline for submitting Nomination Forms
The deadline for submitting nomination forms is 12 noon on Friday the 20th of March 2015. This is a strict deadline. Any nominations received after this date and time will be rejected. All nominations must be sent by e-mail to If sent to any other email address, they will be rejected.

Award Categories 2015

Individual Award for Club development

This award is for those that have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to the administration and development of their sports club and/or shown commitment through their performances while representing the university.  Each club can nominate a maximum of 3 students in either category. Nomination form is available here

Individual Award for Sporting Excellence

This is the highest level of award given available to sports club members. Only final year students can qualify for the Individual Award for Sporting Excellence. These students must have demonstrated a high level of performance and dedication to their club throughout their time at university or gained national or international honours. Nomination form is available here.

Award for Excellence in Coaching

Open to paid and volunteer coaches that have displayed evidence of supporting increase/sustained participation, evidence of improving performers and /or team, contribution to the wider community, involvement in external events, current coaching qualifications and additional personal development undertaken and mentoring and developing other coaches. Nomination form is available here.

Award for Staff Contribution to Sport in DCU

Recognition of DCU Staff members that have made an invaluable contribution to the development of sport in DCU. Nominees should display evidence of leadership and dedication to sport, contribution to the wider development of sport at DCU, new initiatives and going 'beyond the call of duty' or doing 'Over and above' the norm. Nomination form is available here.

Most Promising Fresher – Male & Female

Recognition of a Male & Female 1st year student that has displayed an outstanding commitment and exceptional service to a DCU Sports Club. Each club can nominate 1 Male and 1 Female Fresher.Nomination form is available here.

Marketing & Communications of the Year

This award is for the Sports Club that has shown the most vision, insight and drive for excellence in marketing and communications that helped their club triumph over others and stand out from the rest. From promo materials, websites, freebies, social networking, events etc, this award acknowledges the efforts made and success achieved through communicating and marketing the strengths of your club to your members and beyond. Nomination form is available here.

Sports Scholar of the Year

Clubs do not nominate for this award as the nominees are selected by the Sports Development Service and Sports Academy. This award recognises a Sport Scholarship athlete that has achieved excellence in sport while demonstrating academic progression, gained other awards or honours and contributed to the development of the DCU Sports Club in their sport.

Most Promising Club

Recognition of a club that has demonstrated significant improvement in Club Organisation, Participation, Managing Finances, Club Promotion, Club Development, Competitive & Non-Competitive Achievements and Community Engagement Nomination form is available here.

Team of the Year

Recognition of sporting achievement and performance at club, regional, national or international level and/or other awards, honors or achievements. Nomination form is available here.

Club of the Year

The Sports Club that have demonstrated significant development and achievement in Club Organisation, Participation, Managing Finances, Club Promotion, Club Development, Competitive & Non-Competitive Achievements and Community Engagement. Nomination form is available here.

Sports Personality of the Year

Awarded to the individual with the most notable achievement in sport.  Clubs do not nominate for this award as the winner will be selected by the Judging panel from all the individual award nominations.