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Loop Connect  - check if your device is ready to access Loop Connect

For Macintosh and Windows Computers (and some Windows tablets) It is important that the first time you are to participate in a Connect meeting, you check that your computer is all set to go. So whether you are to be the meeting presenter/host or a participant, you need to work your way through the steps below.

Note: If all you are going to do is view recorded presentations or meetings, you only need to complete Step 1.

Step one:

Make sure that you have the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player installed.

  1. Check you have the latest version of Flash from the Adobe website.

Step two:

Install the Adobe connect Meeting Add-In to improve performance. Simply download and install the software. Once in a meeting, your computer will automatically make use of the add-in.

  1. Download Connect Meeting Add-In.
  2. Alternate download.

Step three:

Test your ability to connect to our Loop Connect server.

  1. Test the connect to DCU's Connect server

Note: Please do not send the results of the connection test unless it reports a problem. If there is a problem please contact us

For Apple or Android Tablets or Smartphones

The Adobe Connect Mobile app is available for Apple (IOS) and Android devices. Search for "Adobe connect mobile" on the Apple or Google Play App store. Once installed, look for the "Connect" app on your device.

Note that the app will not start automatically if you click on a link to a Connect meeting, you will need to type or copy-and-paste the Meeting link (URL) into the app

How the TEU Supports the Virtual Classroom

Student accounts are automatically set up on Loop Connect but if you wish to teach using Loop Connect you first must contact the TEU to organise your licence and training. The TEU delivers on-going workshops and training for staff on the pedagogical integration/use of the virtual classroom in online teaching practices and the technical setup and features of Blackboard Collaborate.  We also offer on request via  teaching.enhancement@dcu.ie one-to-one guidance and consultation to staff using Loop Connect . If you have technical queries specific to Loop Connect you should in the first instance contact the ISS helpdesk

Useful Resources

Participant Essentials: DCU Student Guide to Loop Connect  (pdf)