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Teaching Enhancement Unit

Online Teaching Module (LI501)

Module Overview

DCU, in conjunction with the Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance (DRHEA), developed the DCAD Online Teaching Module (LI501) which is a 5 credit, level 9, professional development module. The module is designed to equip those engaged in teaching in higher education with skills and competencies in online teaching while focusing on enhancing learning by harnessing the potential of new and emerging technologies. Since May 2011, this module has been delivered to academic staff from across nine higher education institutions in the Dublin Regional Higher Educational Alliance and beyond.

Module Participants

Participants will experience first-hand the challenges of meeting the educational needs of learners in the online environment while they will simultaneously be provided with an authentic online learning experience. The module is offered to those who teach in any discipline in higher education and who are committed to the provision of online or technology enhanced learning in their teaching practices.

Module Delivery

A blended learning approach is taken over a 12 week delivery period using a combination of synchronous and synchronous modes of communication i.e. online tutorials, online discussion fora, peer collaboration and webinars. All module elements will be delivered using Moodle 2 as the virtual learning environment and Blackboard Collaborate as the virtual classroom. To complement delivery two face-to-face sessions will be offered in Dublin City University. Please note we also welcome international participants who will be expected to attend the scheduled face-to-face sessions remotely via the virtual classroom.

Module Coordinator

Dr Mark Glynn:

Module Registration

The Teaching Enhancement Team at Dublin City University will deliver the next iteration of this module to academic staff across the wider Irish Higher Education sector in September 2014. You must complete the expression of interest form at this link: to be considered for a place on the module. Once the expression of interest form is reviewed, you will receive notification regarding the registration process. Places on the module are limited to 25 persons and will be allocated on a first come first served basis however those currently teaching in Higher Education with be prioritised.

Further Information

For more specific information on the module content, learning outcomes, participation requirements and upcoming delivery dates please download the module brochure below:

LI501 Online Teaching 2014/2015.


For all further queries on this module contact: Teaching Enhancement Unit, Dublin City University,

T: 353 1 700 8463 E: