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School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music
Marie Curie Research Fellow
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Academic biography

Dr Kayla Rush is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow in the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music at DCU. Her Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, 'Rocking in the Midwest' (2019-2022), examines private, rock music schools in Ireland and the US Midwest, focusing on the performance and transmission of social class and identity through rock music teaching and learning. Dr Rush is an anthropologist of art, music, and performance, with a particular interest in the intersection of cultural politics and body politics. She received her PhD in Social Anthropology from Queen's University Belfast (2018), where she researched community arts in contemporary Northern Ireland. Her first book, The Cracked Art World: Conflict, Austerity, and Community Arts in Northern Ireland, will be published by Berghahn in 2022. She has lectured at several institutions in Ireland and the United States, teaching anthropology, sociology, history, cultural policy, and architecture. She is also a recognized teacher of creative and experimental ethnographic writing, lecturing on this topic at universities throughout Ireland and internationally.