Uaneen Module

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The Uaneen Committee is as follows:

IBEC (Independent Chairperson),

Ms. Siobhan Masterson

Manager, Office of Student Life (OSL),

Ms. Una Redmond

 Uaneen Administrator, OSL

Ms. Sandra McCormack

 Director of Student Support Development

Dr. Claire Bohan

 Academic Representative (SSH)

Dr. Catherine Woods

Academic Representative (Media)

Mr. Dónal Mulligan

Academic Representative (Bus)

Dr. Siobhan McGovern

Academic Representative (Eng)

Dr. Joseph Stokes

Sport & Recreation Officer

Ms. Yvonne McGowan

SU Education Officer

Mr. James Donoghue

Nominee of Inter-Faith Centre

Mr. Philip McKinley

Nominee of Registry

Ms. Gillian Barry

Nominee of Alumni Office

Ms Celine NicOireachtaigh

Nominee of Education Studies

Ms. Yvonne Crotty

 Nominee of Access

Ms. Cathy McLoughlin

Nominee of Equality Office

Mr. Paul Smith

Student Recruitment Officer

Jonny Cooper

Faculty Admin Peer Group

Ms. Emma Theron