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How to Apply

Am I eligible?

The Uaneen Module is available to all final year students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at DCU on the following basis

UM404 Uaneen Contributing Module

As one of your elective modules with a credit value of 5 credits which contributes to the final year award for a programme of study. 
Under this option, you may change your module choices to replace an existing elective choice with the Uaneen Module.

Courses that offer the Uaneen Module as a Contributing Module (UM404)

AF BA in Business & Finance

ALIS / ALSI BA in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies

ALIST / ALTSYA BA in Applied Language & Translation Studies

BCL / BCLYA Law & Society

BS / BSE / BSI BA of Business Studies / Exchange / Intra

CCS / CCSYA BA in Contemporary Culture

CS BA in Communication Studies

ENGLIC BA in Languages for Int. Communication

EPL / EPLYA BA in Economics, Politics & Law

IBLC / IBLFG / IBLFS / IBLGS / IBLJ BA in International Business & Language

IR / IRYA BA in International Relations

MMA BSc in Multimedia

SSH BSc Sports Science & Health

UM405 Uaneen Non-Contributing Module

As an additional module with 5 credits value which does NOT contribute to the final degree award and which must be taken in addition to the student's other modules. This option is available on all final year undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 
Under this option, a student may select the Uaneen Module as an optional module in addition to the modules for which they are already registered for their programme of study.

How to register – Final Year students

Final year students who are interested in taking the Uaneen Module need to register for Modules UM404 or UM405 through their portal page. 
If you have any problems registering for UM404 or UM405 please contact Registry directly on 700 5338 or call into the Registry offices

Register your interest – Non final year students

Although the Uaneen Module is a final year Module, preparation for the Module can start as early as first year.  Registering early will enable students to prepare for their Uaneen Module in advance of final year.  Non final year students who register their interest are not committed to taking it in their final year and they can opt out at any stage.

If you are a non final year student and are interested in taking the Uaneen Module please ‘Express your Interest’ by logging on to LOOP.  Search then for UM406 in the Search Box, located​ on the righthand corner of the screen. Then click on the heading "UM406 - Uaneen Non Final Years". You will be asked for an enrolment key, Enter uaneen406. Click on Enrol me.

Once registered, you will receive updates and supports in relation to the Module.

Submitting your Portfolio

Applicants for the Uaneen Module are required to submit their portfolio, accompanied by a completed Declaration Form, via LOOP.

To download a Declaration Form, click here

The closing date for submission of portfolios is usually at the end of Semester II. The actual submission date will be confirmed to all registered students via email.