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A mentor is an individual who helps and guides another individuals development. This guidance is not done for personal gain.

The role of the Uaneen mentor is a voluntary one. The role of the mentor is mainly to encourage, provide guidance, listen to and point the student in the right direction. Mentors do not correct/mark the portfolios.

We suggest that the students contact their mentor at least twice but no more than 4 times by either phone, email or in person. Mentor training will be provided.

The role of the mentor is to:

  • Understand the principles of the Uaneen module and marking scheme
  • Help student discuss and explore range of activities
  • Provide some guidance on format adopted
  • Facilitate the reflection process
  • Discourse following some draft writing
  • Provide a listening ear
  • Provide support if painful realisation strikes

The role of the mentor does not include:

  • Advising on activities that might be tried
  • correcting drafts submitted
  • Giving any indication of what the mark might be
  • Giving your opinion
  • Doing any writing
  • Counseling a distressed student
  • Giving tutorials

Mentors for the Uaneen Module are drawn from across the University, and are both academic and non academic staff, all have an interest in this area and recognise the value of involvement in extra curricular activities.

The time and commitment given by mentors to the Uaneen Module is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or if you require more information, please contact Sandra McCormack on extn. 6163 or