Uaneen Module

Requirements | Uaneen Module


You are required to demonstrate, through submission of your portfolio that you have been involved in a significant way and for a significant period in extra curricular activities which have enhanced your non academic learning during your period of study at DCU. These activities may be within the University AND outside clubs, societies, volunteering, community work and extra-curricular activity in general.

Workshops & Tutorials

A course requirement is that you attend a number of workshops, tutorials and meet with your assigned mentor throughout the academic year to aid your preparation for the submission of your assignment and portfolio. Please refer to the Workshop Section for further details.  These details will also be e-mailed directly to registered students via their DCU student e-mail account

Assignment (Semester 1)

To better prepare you for writing up your reflective portfolio (to be submitted in Semester II), you are required to submit half of your portfolio (2,000 words) at the end of Semester I. 

Your Portfolio (Semester 2)

The critical part of the module is that you actually become involved in the activity or activities. The portfolio is a record of that involvement and of the learning. Having to log the activities and to reflect on the outcomes for you and others is an important part of your learning process.
The portfolio has two parts.

  • The log of the activity involvement
  • A record of your reflection on the learning that has taken place.

Log of activities

It is expected that you will keep a learning diary during the course of the involvement in the activity. This diary should simply note the dates, times and some details of each event with some reflective thoughts. 

Your portfolio presentation will be drawn from this detailed diary. The log of activities should summarise your involvement and should normally include the following:

  • Description of the activity, preparation, and achievements
  • Some examples of specific achievements
  • Supporting documentation, where appropriate
  • Testimonials from others, where appropriate
  • Planning
  • Time period and duration of involvement (i.e. involvement over (say) three years and for an average of 5 hours a week during that period)
  • Level of responsibility
  • Skills required and applied
  • Exercise of leadership
  • Description of whole portfolio of extra curricular activities and balance between them all (where more than one)

The Reflection Section

This section should include:

  • A reflective account of the experience
  • How you decided to get involved
  • Thoughts on what it brought to your personal development
  • The balance between fun and achievement
  • The elements that were easy and difficult for you
  • Specific difficulties you encountered and how they were resolved
  • How you managed time to fit with academic and other commitments
  • The changes that were necessary to accommodate the activity
  • The impact on others
  • Things that you might do differently and things that would not change with hindsight
  • The importance of the activity for your future social, personal and professional development
  • Examples of any legacy left as a result of your involvement.
  • Academic references (APA 6th Ed.)

Your portfolio should be no more than 4,000 words (+/- 10%).