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Testimonials | Uaneen Module


Name: Conor Wynne Walsh

Sports Science & Health, 2020

"The Uaneen module is incredibly fulfilling and a refreshingly unique opportunity for students to take some time to reflect during an often hectic final year.  If you are looking to do something different, challenge yourself and reflect, Uaneen is a great module to choose!"


Name: Christine Farrell

Business Studies, 2019

"The Uaneen module was the perfect way to weave all my experiences, learnings and achievements from my four years in DCU into words.  The module enabled me to reflect on my four years and translate actions and experiences into learnings and skills."


Name: Alison Boland

BA International Joint Honours Law and French 2018

"Participating in the Uaneen module was extremely rewarding.  The Uaneen module is an innovative way to recognise these personal achievements and gain deeper insight into how these activities contributed to my personal development.  I would recommend it to any student."


Name: Caoimhe Ní Mhaolagáin
Course: Economics, Politics & Law 2018

"The Uaneen module gave me the opportunity to receive academic credit for my contribution to college life and hours I willingly volunteered.  I could not recommend this module more and for anyone involved in extracurricular activities both inside and outside of DCU this should be considered a mandatory module."


Name: Raphael Onwunali

Joint Honours Law & International Language 2017

 "An important aspect of the Uaneen module is the employability – lots of employers find it extremely impressive that students are willing to get heavily involved in extra-curricular and the ability to identify different skill sets.  I do encourage anyone who wants to take the DCU non-contributory Uaneen module – I see it as an additional podium to help you elevate yourself in terms of knowing what you are capable of doing and progressing from then on."


Name: Sine McGoff

Computer Studies 2017             

 "I was hugely involved in societies throughout my whole time in DCU and it was great at the end of my final year to be able to put that towards my degree and to make sure all that work didn’t go unrecognised and unvalued in terms of my qualification.  Without the Uaneen module, I definitely don’t think I would be as employable as I am today."


Name: Trina Dzidonu

Economics, Politics & Law 2016, Chancellor's Medal Winner

"To have a module that recognises and rewards you for your contribution to University life is rare and something that will definitely stand to you in the future. I strongly encourage students of DCU to take part in this module, it is a truly enriching experience."


Name: Caoimhe Ní Chathail
Course: Humanities & Social Sciences 2016

"I have dedicated my entire three years in DCU to balancing my studies in Gaeilge agus Iriseoireacht with a fruitful society life and that is something I pride myself in.  I would highly recommend doing the Uaneen module as an opportunity to reflect on all you have given to the DCU community and beyond and all you have received in return."


Name: Paula-Avril Jatariu
Course: Humanities & Social Sciences 2015

 "I would definitely encourage every DCU student to do this module as it will not only be rewarding, but also will be something you can always relate to when looking for future career prospects or preparing for an interview. This also helped me to get a better understanding of the kind of career I aspire to while reflecting on the type of extracurricular activities I have been involved in."


Name: Sam Elliott
Course: Bachelor of Civil Law (Law & Society) 2015

"Doing the Uaneen module was a completely unique experience during my degree.  I gained more from the module than a line for the CV.  I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested."


Name: Aisling Sinclair
Course: BSc in Multimedia 2015

"Uaneen was not only academically significant but was also an opportunity to collect some of my fondest memories of college in one place.    Uaneen allows you to celebrate this and creates a space for you to keep all the memories in one place so that even when you've moved on to bigger and better things you can always see where you've come from."


Name: Sam Pearson
Course: BSc in Multimedia 2015

 "Academic work and extra-curricular work are not mutually exclusive. Many of the skills that I gained through society life contributed to my degree and vice versa. This is why I hold the Uaneen module in such high regard."


Name: Rónan Ó Dálaigh
Course: BA Gnó agus Gaeilge 2014

 "I think doing the Uaneen module, and setting out to do it well, is probably the single most worthwhile thing a student can do while in DCU.  Our education system is consistently getting better and the Uaneen module is an example of the very best of what our education system has to offer."


Name: Ian McGlynn
Course: Accounting & Finance 2011 

 "The Uaneen Module is a unique experience unlike any other module in DCU. Taking the module as contributory made it possible for me to be stand out from my fellow AF Classmates. I found myself looking at how being a DCU Student has shaped me and helped me discover a future career path.  The Uaneen Module highlights all these skills that employers look for from today's Graduates."


Name: John Harney
Course: BSc in Financial & Actuarial Mathematics 2011
Employer: Towers Watson, Consultant Trainee Actuary

 " It wasn't until I sat down to start work on my Uaneen report that I fully saw the magnitude and impact of what I had done.  Also, as a mathematics student, I loved developing my reflection and writing skills. The Uaneen module is another hallmark of DCU's commitment to innovation, which is valued very highly by modern employers."


Name: Joanne Halpin
Course: B.A. in Communication Studies 2011

 "The Uaneen Module was the first mark I looked for on my final year results sheet. It meant so much to me, as it was an embodiment of my development through University.  It is what sets you apart from the crowd, and your specific needs and specialities are shown through involvement in extra curricular life."


Name: Paul Carr
Course: Communications, 2009-10

 "I took the Uaneen module as a non-contributing module.  To be rewarded for my involvement in such a prestigious and constructive way is something which I feel makes DCU stand out, and is a mark of how highly it views the work done by students to make DCU a better, more rounded institution."


Name: Ciann Clancy
Course: Bachelor of Business Studies - 2008
Employer: Accenture, Strategy Consultant

 "DCU has a reputation as Ireland's Innovation University and the Uaneen module is just another example of how DCU leads the way in the development of a truly holistic education."


Name:  Siobhan Masterson
Employer: IBEC, Education Policy
Position: Chair of Uaneen Module Committee

 "Irish business does not simply want the education system to produce good workers with specific work-related skills, but adaptable individuals who can think for themselves and with an appetite to learn. This means that in addition to academic achievement, higher education should reward students for entrepreneurship, exploration and risk taking and should encourage graduates to prepare themselves for a life of learning. The Uaneen Module at DCU provides exactly what business wants while also meeting the aspirations of students, parents and educationalists; it equips individuals with the skills necessary to maximise their prospects of having fulfilling and rewarding careers, and this will be a major factor in determining their quality of life."


Name: Roibeard Mhurcú, Mature Student
Course: B.A. Communications 2004-07, M.Sc. Multimedia 2008
Employer: D.I.T. Mature Student Support Officer

 "Without the Uaneen Module and my extracurricular activity, I wouldn't be where I am today."


Name: Jessica Ní Chonchúbhair
Course: FIONTAR / BSc Entreprenurship, Computing & Applied Irish, 2008
Employer: Facebook, User Analyst


As a graduate, having started my career I now truly realise the benefit of the recognition the Uaneen module gives students. It provides a conduit for recognising our own achievement and ultimately allows us to be proud of ourselves in a way that will benefit not only our careers but our lives."


Name: Keith O Brien
Course: Business Studies, 2004
Employer: River Island Press Office, International Press Officer

"Its great to see that the Uaneen awards are still going strong and that DCU recognises all the extra curricular work students do along with their academic studies."


Name: Laura Wall
Course: BA in Communitcation Studies, DCU, 2009, MA in Public Relations, DIT 2010
Employer: Internship with Weber Shandwick PR
Date: August 2010

 "The Uaneen module allowed me to be recognised for my extra curricular efforts. It felt extremely rewarding to be able to write about and be graded on work outside of academic life.  The Uaneen module not only gives you a sense of personal gratification but it also is recognised by employers around the country and gives you that extra competitive edge that you will carry into your career."