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Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020 - 14:06

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Masters in Computing

Masters in Computing (Data Analytics)

Having previously worked together on developing a Masters major in Cloud Computing, DCU has further strengthened its collaboration with industry by once again teaming with IBM to develop the new Master’s Degree programme in Computer Science with Big Data, Business Analytics and Smarter Cities. This new collaboration is designed to help graduate students to develop critical IT skills for urban analysis, consumer behaviour, social networks, sentiment analysis, healthcare, and cyber and network security.

The Masters in Computing (Data Analytics) course content was developed jointly by IBM and DCU to equip students with deep analytical skills to support the changing face of business today. It provides a variety of exclusive resources including access to real-world IBM case studies from cities and organisations around the world. It is delivered by experts from both DCU and IBM and facilitates collaborative research projects between the two organisations.

The programme is designed for those with existing computing experience and graduates in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics and other technical or quantitative backgrounds (e.g. economics, operations research or industrial engineering).

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