Women In Leadership

Committee Structures

Committee Structures 

A Women in Leadership Steering Committee has been formed to guide and oversee the success of the initiative and is comprised of the following members:

  • Professor Eithne Guilfoyle (Chair)
  • Ms Marian Burns
  • Professor Brian MacCraith
  • Professor Michelle Butler
  • Ms Fiona Carvill
  • Professor John Doyle
  • Professor Greg Hughes
  • Professor Lisa Looney
  • Dr Debbie Ging
  • Dr Anne Looney
  • Professor Pádráig Ó'Duibhir
  • Professor Anne Sinnott
  • Ms Sandra Healy

The Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee have been agreed and are available here.


A Women in Leadership at DCU Action Group is being convened to manage the operational aspects of the various strands of the initiative. The action group will provide regular updates on progress to the Steering Committee. 

Membership of DCU Women in Leadersip Action Group is as follows:

  • Dr Debbie Ging (Chair)
  • Professor Teresa Burke
  • Dr Eileen Brennan
  • Ms Fiona Carvill
  • Professor Edel Conway
  • Ms Sandra Healy
  • Professor Gareth Jones
  • Ms Michele Pringle
  • Ms Deirdre Wynter
  • Brien Nolan

The Terms of Reference for the Action Group have been agreed and are available here.