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listening lunches

Listening Lunches

Professor Brian McCraith (President DCU) and Ms. Marian Burns (Director of HR) are co- hosting monthly Listening Lunches as part of the DCU Women in Leadership Initiative.   The lunches provide a forum for women from across the University to exchange views and ideas with the hosts and each other.  Positive and progressive suggestions generated from these lunches will inform and influence future events and activities under the DCU Women in Leadership initiative.  The lunches also facilitate the development of stronger internal networking platforms for women across the expanding university. During 2019, DCU President, Prof Brian MacCraith and Director of HR, Ms Marian Burns co-hosted Listening Lunches on a monthly basis. 127 staff members attended the lunches to date. In recent years, the lunches have been opened to male colleagues. 

To register your interest in attending one of the listening lunches please visit the registration page.  We will be back in touch in due course.