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Training Development Supports


Training and Development provides a range of ongoing initiatives designed to support all staff in reaching their potential, personally and professionally.  The full suite of development courses is available here. In addition to the regular training schedule the following initatives are also managed by T&D and will form an integral part of the DCU Women in Leadership initiative

 Mentoring Programme

DCU Mentoring Scheme

A formal mentoring programme has been in place in DCU for a number of years, managed through the HR department.  The programme facilitates ‘a work-place relationship where a more experienced staff member is committed to providing developmental assistance and guidance to a less experienced staff member through a series of regular meetings’.  The medium term aim of the programme is to build a culture where informal mentoring readily happens across the university.

The mentoring programme will closely support the objectives and vision of the DCU Women in Leadership initiative by ensuring that female staff members are provided with the appropriate support, advice and guidance to help them to achieve their potential. 

Unconscious Bias Training 


Unconscious Bias may be a contributory factor in the in the under representation of females at senior levels in the University. In an effort to counteract the impact of unconscious bias during selection, recruitment and promotion decisions all people managers and all those involved on interview panels are required to complete an unconscious bias awareness programme.

As a taster, or to gain an initial understanding of the power of unconscious bias, you may be interested in viewing the following short youtube clip

Training and Development Schedule


The T&D schedule has 8 broad categories which offer over 60 courses ranging from 2 hour workshops to more extended programmes run over the academic year.

University Leadership and Management Programme (ULM)


The online University Leadership and Management Programme (ULM) consists of six courses, each focusing on a different aspect of the subject of leadership and management within universities. The programme content addresses the theory and practice of leadership and management, placing it in the context of the university, recognising that universities differ from other organisations in many respects.

Further information about the ULM Programme is available here.