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DCU Civic Engagement Strategy 2012-2017


Civic Engagement Forum Meetings 2012

DCU’s Civic Engagement Strategy and activities are overseen by a Civic Engagement Forum which meets on a quarterly basis.  It consists of an internal and external panel consisting of the following members:


Members of the Internal Advisory Panel

  • Ellen Breen - DCU Library
  • Paul Doherty - President of Students Union
  • Ger Lardner/Michelle Pringle - Faculty of Engineering and Computing
  • John Doyle - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Anne Sinnott - DCU Business School
  • Susan Hawkins/Cathy McLoughlin - DCU Access Office
  • Fr. Joe Jones - DCU Chaplain's Office
  • Helen McQuillan - DCU in the Community
  • Joanna Ozarowska - DCU in the Community
  • Aisling McKenna - DCU Office of External and Strategic Affairs
  • Andrew Moore - Dublin Fifth Province
  • Anne Morrissey - OSCAIL
  • Anne Spencer - LIU
  • Ronnie Munck  - DCU Office of Civic Engagement
  • Deiric Ó Broin (Chairperson) - NorDubCo
  • Samantha Fahy - Sustainable DCU
  • Hilary Murphy - Sustainable DCU
  • Emma O'Brien - BDI
  • Cara Greene - CNGL
  • Padraig Murphy - Community Knowledge Exchange
  • Declan Raftery - OVPR
  • Una Redmond - Office of Student Life
  • Maria Slowey - Age Friendly University Initiative
  • Sheelagh Wickham - Faculty of Science and Health

Members of the External Advisory Panel

  • Marian Vickers (Northside Partnership)
  • Michael Bowe (Tolka AreaPartnership)
  • Declan Dunne (Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership)
  • Linda Curran (Blanchardstown Area Partnership)
  • Jeanne Deegan (Fingal LEADER Partnership)
  • Noeleen McHugh (Fingal County Council)
  • George Curran (Fingal County Council)
  • Lorna Maxwell (Dublin City Council)
  • Vanessa Carey (Dublin City Council)
  • Mary Taylor (Dublin City Council)
  • Cllr. Pat Crimmins (Dublin City Council)
  • Cllr. Anne Devitt (Fingal County Counci)
  • Cllr. Cian O'Callaghan (Fingal County Council)
  • Ronnie Munck  - DCU Office of Civic Engagement
  • Declan Raftery - OVPR