Graduate Studies Office
Graduate Studies Office
Prof Joseph Stokes
Welcome from Prof Joseph Stokes
DCU Dean of Graduate Studies

The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) supports the development and delivery of postgraduate research studies at DCU. Led by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor Joseph Stokes, the unit provides a range of support services for DCU postgraduate research students and staff. The GSO is located on the ground floor of the McNulty Building, Glasnevin Campus.


Graduate Studies Team


The Dean of Graduate Studies role is an academic leadership position, introduced by the university in 2011. The Dean is a member of DCU Executive, Research Committee, and Education Committee among others, and is responsible for steering the university agenda in all aspects of graduate research. The Dean heads up the Graduate Studies Office and his own academic background is in mechanical engineering.

Professor Joseph Stokes, is currently the Dublin City University Dean of Graduate Studies, with responsibility for strategy, policy and regulation relating to graduate research in the University, and for providing support to DCU's doctoral and research master's students and their supervisors.

Prof Stokes leads the Graduate Studies Office, and chairs the DCU Graduate Research Studies Board. He is a member of the Irish Universities Association (IUA) Deans of Graduate Studies group, and is a regular contributor to meetings of the European Universities Association Council for Doctoral Education (EUA- CDE). He was awarded the degrees of B.A. and B.A.I. in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Trinity College Dublin in 1997 and began his PhD studies that year in DCU. He attained his PhD in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Dublin City University in 2002, graduated March 2003. 

From 2012 to 2017, he was Head of School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Dublin City University.  He is an Associate Professor in Surface Engineering and Tribological Coatings, research active in this area since 1997. His professional achievement includes the production of coated and free-standing engineering components using the HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) process, other processes include Atmospheric Plasma and Flame Thermal Spray (Thermal Spray facilities), including Tribological Assessment.

Prof Stokes is an active member of the Centre for Medical Engineering Research (MEDEng) and the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology (NCPST).

Vikki is responsible for providing administrative support to the Dean, including diary management, preparation of agenda and meeting papers, travel and accommodation, and hospitality arrangements.  T: 01 700 7655 E:

  • Karen is responsible for managing the daily operations Human Resources and Financial Management of the Unit as well as coordinating a broad range of activities arising from DCU’s external graduate research engagement projects including relationships with linked colleges, regional Graduate School partners, government agencies, national sectoral bodies and international partners. Also supports strategic planning of the University’s postgraduate provision. T: 01 700 6361 E:

Jonny is responsible for the support and administration of IRC postgraduate scholarship schemes and internal DCU postgraduate scholarship schemes. Also responsible for the processing of monthly scholarship payments, conference and travel grants, Card Fee applications, while working closely with the University Fees Office with respect to postgraduate research fees. T: 01 700 5136 E:

Sharon is responsible for the provision of quality assurance and access to due process as it relates to graduate research degrees. Also supports the PGR Research Integrity Training Programme and policies and procedures relating to the University’s postgraduate provision. T: 01 700 5214 E:  E:

Linda is responsible for the University’s postgraduate research training and orientation programme, research student internships, and GSO’s internal and external communications and reporting. Also supports the development of graduate programme funding proposals and policies and procedures relating to the University’s postgraduate provision. T: 01 7006341 E: E:

Our mission is to support excellence in the provision of postgraduate education in DCU by providing leadership and working in collaboration with the staff, the student community and external partners. The GSO also works in partnership with Research Support in the implementation of the University’s strategic aims.

The GSO’s principal areas of responsibility include:

  • Leading the development of all aspects of DCU’s postgraduate research education
  • Acting as champion for the needs of DCU’s postgraduate student community
  • Driving the development of DCU’s postgraduate policy and planning

GSO engages in a diverse range of activities under these areas of responsibility, including:

  • Policy development and implementation for best practice in graduate research
  • Orientation and Induction programmes for new research students
  • Annual calendar of skills development events, seminars and workshops
  • Research Integrity Training Programme for postgraduate research students
  • Tell It Straight Research Communications Competition
  • Scholarship and industry internship programmes
  • Internal and external collaborative projects, funding proposals and consortium activities at national, European and international level