Student Policies

Policies and procedures are agreed basic standards that allow DCU to clearly communicate the behaviours, boundaries and actions required to fulfil its mission, vision, and goals, thus, creating a positive university community culture.  Additionally, robust policies ensure a safe space, which encourages students to speak up. The purpose of the following policies is to communicate the agreed basic standards that aim to ensure every person is treated with dignity and respect and non-discrimination, which is at the centre of human rights.  Additionally, it is crucial that staff, students, and bystanders feel confident that a concern or disclosure will be dealt with appropriately.  DCU is committed to providing an equal, diverse, and inclusive environment, where all members of the University community can thrive.  DCU encourages all students to take responsibility for understanding the basic standards of behaviour, know how to raise a concern and feel confident dealing with an incident.  If you have a query regarding a policy, procedure, or campaign, please contact the Student Policy Officer, Deirdre Moloney.


At DCU we are always striving to ensure that there is a positive culture within the University community. Therefore, developing new policies and reviewing existing policies is important.  The views of students are important, and we welcome comments on new policies and input into existing policies. Contact the Student Policy Officer, Deirdre Moloney if you wish to get involved or have a comment.