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Budget 2023: Ministers Harris and Collins announce cost-of-living package for students, and investment in third level education for 2023

From Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science 

Published on 27 September 2022

Last updated on 27 September 2022


Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris and Minister of State for Skills Niall Collins have today outlined a significant cost of living package for third level students.

The package will include a:

  • once-off €1,000 reduction in the student contribution fee for higher education students eligible for the undergraduate free fees initiative

(for students who have already paid their fees in full, the University will arrange an automatic refund in due course )

  • once-off extra payment for all student maintenance grant recipients
  • once-off increase of €1,000 in the support to SUSI qualified Post Graduate students, increasing from €3500 to €4,500
  • further €8 million investment in the Student Assistance Fund for the 2022/23 academic year

In addition, Ministers Harris and Collins welcome a Budget of €3.9 billion for 2023 including:

  • a reduction of €500 in the contribution fee for eligible grant applicants earning between €62,000 and €100,000
  • the threshold for the student contribution 50% grant (€1500) has been expanded to €62,000;
  • student maintenance grants will increase from January
  • a permanent increase in the support for Post Graduate fees under SUSI by €500 from €3,500 to €4,000 from September 2023
Student Payments  
If you paid your registration in full €3,043 You will be due a refund of €1,000
  DCU Fees office have commenced these refunds
  We will send a confirmation email to your student email once your refund has been issued.
If you paid €1,543 at registration Your account has been credited with €1,000 so the balance due by you next semester 31st January is €500



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Student Fees Notice Board


SUSI Notification:

It should be noted by all students applying for a SUSI grant that they do not cover the payment of student levies.

All undergraduate students receiving payment of their student contribution fee from SUSI will be required to make a payment of €43 for their student levy.

All Postgraduate students are liable to pay a student levy of €277.  Students receiving payment of 100% fee award from SUSI will be required to pay in full their student levy of €277 which is not covered by SUSI



SUSI Online Student Grant Application System


Please be advised that the National student grant awarding body, SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland)

has announced that its online application system, for new and renewal student grants, for the 2022/23 academic

year will open April 2022


Data Protection - SUSI 


Please note that DCU staff cannot speak on your behalf with SUSI without your written permission.


UK students future Fees Status 


Existing enrolled UK students will retain an EU Fee status and/or entitlement to 'Free Fees' funding, if they were assessed with this status, for the duration of their current degree programme.  

UK students starting a programme in the 2022-23 academic year, and who are entitled to funding under the current regulations of the 'Free Fees'  scheme (UG students only)  or to an EU fee status, will retain this status for the duration of their programme.




DCU have just introduced a student fees easypay telephone number (01/2530219) on which all payments  relating to student payments can be made.

The relevant information needed is the student ID number, date of birth, fee amount and credit card number. 

Third party payments can also be made through this option. 

Fee Information 




Penalties for Non Payment of Fees:

 Penalties for the non payment of fees will be applied to your account if fees are not paid within the deadline payment dates.



 Receipts can now be printed online via your student portal page as follows:

- Student fee Menu

- Revenue tax certificate

- Insert required year eg. for 2021/22 academic year insert year 2022 and return