Have you got a question about fees in DCU?
Take a look at our FAQs listed here - and if none of these answer your question, please contact us by emailing fees@dcu.ie

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EU status students can pay in two instalments:

Instalment 1 – 60% is due when registering online

Instalment 2 - 40% is due by 27th January 2023

Non EU students must pay their full fee within four weeks of acceptance of place

The student contribution charge is €3,000 together with Student Centre Levy of €43, which may be paid in two instalments covering examinations, registration and student services. 

The student centre levy is €43. This fee is not covered by any grant and must be paid by all undergraduate students.

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DCU do not send out reminders for payment of fees via post. 

Students register online and will be advised at that point how much their fees are and how much they should pay.

Fee reminders are sent via your DCU email account ONLY.

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No - DCU’s contract is with the student, thus we cannot invoice a third party. 

You can however print your own invoice when you have registered online during the registration process. This can be re-printed via your student apps - click on 'Student Fee Menu' and go to the 'Cost of Registration' option. 

Your fees must be paid during the registration process and claimed back directly from your employer.

Yes. If you are an undergraduate student you must pay the student levy of €43 which is not covered by the grant. 

All Postgraduate students are liable to pay the student levy of €277 - this rule also applies to students awarded 100% SUSI Grant as this student levy is not covered by the grant.

If you are a postgraduate student, you must pay 60% of  balance of fees on anything above €3,500

Students are urged to apply early as late approvals will need to be paid by the students by the end of February at the latest if approval of the grant has not come through.

This will be refunded to the student once the grant is paid by SUSI.  

Students maintenance grants awarded by SUSI will be paid on a monthly basis by (EFT) into their own bank account. 

Continued payment will be contingent on verification of your attendance on the course to the University at regular intervals throughout the year.  

Tuition fees/student contribution will be paid directly to DCU on your behalf. 

For Undergraduate fees, please click here

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Please retain your online payment receipt in a safe place as it is a valuable document and may be required by you to claim Tax Relief on Tuition fees.

Tax Relief may be claimed only where students pay tuition fees.

The new Student Contribution will be allowable for tax relief only where families with two or more children are liable for the Student Contribution charge. 

Please refer to www.revenue.ie for all tax related queries. Duplicate receipts can be re-printed via your student app- my details-student fee menu-tax revenue certificate.

No. Free Fees or grants are available for repeat years except under exceptional Medical Circumstances.

Full fee payment is due. 

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If you are entitled to the free fees remission scheme and you repeat a year, you will have to pay fees for the year that you repeat.  Once you have passed that year, you revert back to the free fee remission scheme.

Repeat fees are charged at €55 per credit in addition to the full time levy of €277 for all full time programmes and €170 for all part time programmes.

An example would be a 5 credit module (5 credits @ €55 per credit = €275 plus €277 levy = €552

An example of 7.5 credit module (7.5 credits @ €55 per credit = €412.50 plus €277 levy - €689.50

If you are repeating because you had to defer during the year or were unable to sit the exam on medical grounds, you should contact celine.geraghty@dcu.ie 

Depending on your medical circumstances, you may qualify for a medical repeat. Click Here


You must inform your Programme Chair of your decision to withdraw and you must withdraw online via your student app page. 

It is important to note that once you have registered, fees are due so please sign a Withdrawal Form and submit this to Registry immediately.

You can access this form here

You should also check to see how a withdrawal might affect you financially if you choose to return to University at a later date.  See Student Fee Protocol

You may also wish to speak to a Student Adviser if you are having difficulties please use the following link:  http://www.dcu.ie/students/advice/contact.shtml

You will need to get your previous college to complete a 'Student Fee Declaration Form' which can be printed from here 

Please return to the Student Fee Office or email fee.declaration@dcu.ie when fully completed.

Tax relief applies to full time and part time undergraduate/postgraduate students who are paying tuition fees

The undergraduate student contribution and student centre levy are not a tuition fee and not tax deductible. 

For Revenue website: click here

For Printing Receipts go to Student Apps: click here

Families with two or more children liable for the new student contribution will qualify for tax relief on payments arising from second and subsequent sibling liability.

Student fee duplicate receipts can be printed online via the student portal page by entering the academic year required. For example, for the academic year 2021/22 the year 2022 must be entered. 

Please see Revenue Information Leaflet IT31 http://www.revenue.ie/revsearch/search.jsp