Declan Raftery


The primary role of the Office of the Chief Operations Officer is to support and enhance the academic endeavours of the University.

The Office is led by the Chief Operations Officer (COO) Dr Declan Raftery, who is is also tasked with providing administrative support to the Governing Authority.

In addition, several key support units within the University report directly to the Chief Operations Officer for management purposes.

Who We Are

Reporting to the President, the Chief Operations Officer (COO), Dr. Declan Raftery, is a member of the President's Senior Management Group and provides input into strategic decision making.

The COO is responsible for the management of the corporate and secretarial functions of the University, and for the oversight of legal functions for both the University and its associated campus companies.  

The COO's Office endeavours to uphold the highest standards of good governance, probity and accountability, both within the University and its campus companies, as well as aiming to comply proactively with the statutory and regulatory legal requirements relevant to a university.

Further information on the COO's Office, its role and personnel can be found within this section of the University's website.