AllHallows Safety

Welcome to the DCU Health and Safety Office.

We provide the guidance and information required to - as far as reasonably practicable - keep our staff, students and visitors safe on DCU campuses.





Services we provide include:

  • Developing health and safety policies, procedures and management arrangements to help meet statutory obligations
  • Providing support and guidance to Heads of Schools and Units and Departments
  • Assisting Health and Safety Coordinators and academics on how to manage health and safety
  • Publishing Standard Operating Procedures and guidance on managing the risks from specific hazards
  • Developing tools such as templates to assist with risk assessment processes
  • Monitoring health and safety performance through auditing and inspection
  • Reporting to the University Health and Safety Consulting, Steering Group as required
  • Providing a range of health and safety training courses.
  • Coordinating the investigation of health and safety incidents and accidents