Professor John Doyle has been appointed Vice President of Research at Dublin City University.

A core element of DCU’s vision is to be a globally-significant university that is renowned for its discovery and translation of knowledge to advance society.

This commitment to world-class research is central to our Research and Innovation Strategy, as we build on research strengths across faculties and research centres under the following thematic areas:

  • Health technologies and the healthy society;
  • Information technology and the digital society;
  • Advanced manufacturing and materials;
  • Sustainable economies and societies;
  • Democratic and secure societies;
  • Educational research and innovation

(Pic: Professor John Doyle, Vice President of Research, DCU)

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Talent, Discovery and Transformation

While academic excellence can be pursued in any discipline within DCU, and at any scale, we recognise that, in general, the greatest impact is achieved from a critical mass of multidisciplinary researchers tackling major research challenges. Such is the nature and complexity of these challenges facing the world that international collaboration is essential to make significant and sustained advances. In this context we continue to develop our international strategic partnerships to focus our research and innovation activities on delivering economic and societal benefits.