Export Control


Welcome to the Export Control section of the University's Website.

The European Union (EU) operates a system of controls on the export of sensitive items from the member states. These controls form part of a global framework designed to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, to preserve regional stability, to prevent terrorism, and to protect human rights. DCU is committed to compliance with all export controls regulations. 

DCU requires that all staff, students, and researchers comply with applicable sanctions, export controls, import controls, and international trade laws. Under no circumstances will exports be made contrary to applicable export regulations by any individual acting on behalf of DCU.

To support staff and students to uphold DCU’s legal and ethical responsibilities to regulate the export of restricted products, the DCU Export Control Internal Compliance Programme (the DCU Export Control ICP) has been developed. This programme includes an Export Control Policy and Export Control Procedures which establish minimum standards and responsibilities for Export Control compliance in DCU.