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Research Fees 2021/22

Research fees for academic year 2021/22 are now available here


Registration Grace Period

Students who commence their research from 2nd March onwards each year register as normal but because they are registering during DCU's registration grace period, this means that they will not be liable for any research fees until the start of the next academic year. Students who are paying their own fees will however be liable to a non-refundable deposit of €500, which will then be deducted from their fees in the following academic year.

NB: Students who register during the grace period (2nd March to 31st July) will register as Year 1 students but they must also register again as Year 1 students in September/October for the next academic year (even though this will have meant registering twice in a short period of time). Such students will only be liable to the 1st year full-time or part-time fee applicable to the new academic year.

Card Fee Scheme - 2021/22

The Card Fee scheme facilitates full-time and part-time research students' progression through the closing stages of their research degree by enabling them, when qualifying conditions are met, to avail of a reduced fee (EUR150) instead of the usual fee associated with their year of study.

In 2021-22 the Card Fee scheme applies only beyond specific registration periods:

  • > 4 years full-time PhD or > 2 years full-time Masters, or
  • > 5 year part-time PhD or > 3 years part-time Masters
  • > 4 years Professional Doctorate

The scheme is administered by the Graduate Studies Office in cooperation with Registry and the Fees Office.

Applicants must be in good standing in respect of fees. To apply a Card Fee Declaration should be submitted to the GSO by Monday 16th August 2021 and then qualification is confirmed upon submission of a soft bound thesis by Monday 13th June 2022.


The 'Thesis Submission and Oral Examination' doctoral guide produced by the Graduate Studies Office to assist students approaching the closing stages of their research can be found here.