Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

Through our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, DCU aims to create a work and study environment that is inclusive at all levels and embraces and celebrates our visible and invisible differences. This concept of fundamental equality within our University community is central to the University’s ethos.

All staff and students of the University should be aware that all forms of harassment, bullying, or discrimination are unacceptable and that everyone has a duty to behave in an acceptable and appropriate manner that demonstrates dignity and respect. 

Bullying, discrimination, and harassment may not always be intentional, but is always unacceptable, whether intentional or not. Differences in individuals’ attitudes, backgrounds, or cultures can mean what is perceived as bullying and harassment by one individual may not seem so to another. This Dignity and Respect at Work and Study Policy sets out DCU’s commitment to the promotion of a university that recognises and respects individual differences and that rejects harassment or bullying as destructive to the recipient, the harasser or bully, and the University.

Dignity and Respect Policy Toolkit to help students, staff, and third parties deal with a disclosure, a report, or seek support.