Visiting Researchers

Visiting Researchers

Visiting Graduate Researchers

DCU regularly welcomes international researchers to work alongside DCU staff. Academic staff who plan to welcome an international research student, or to act as host to a visiting researcher, should be aware that some advance planning is necessary. DCU Global provides a comprehensive range of online resources to ensure that the necessary support is available as required.


Useful forms and information for visiting graduate researchers

Please complete the R26H form and submit it to the DCU Registry Dept if you are:

  • Attending an accredited module(s) as part of a multi-institutional postgraduate research programme that is underpinned by a specific institutional collaborative agreement.
  • Attending as a visiting research student as part of an International Consortium Agreement.

If you are an International Research Visitor working as staff on a project in DCU requiring access to a DCU ID card or IT account, please complete the Visitor / Contractor I.D. & IT Account Request Form and return to HR.