Registry Forms

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Each Application Form is listed under the categories below:

Change to Registration
Request a Change to Registration

Request a Change to Registration

Undergraduate Students:

  • R-32 Application for Deferral of Academic Year (Taught Programmes) (Word)
  • R-40 Application for Leave of Absence (Word)
  • Withdrawal - For current registered students please log into the Student Apps page - My Details (i-enabler log in) to withdraw directly. For all others please withdraw through this link.
Postgraduate Research Forms
Postgraduate Research Forms

Postgraduate Research Student Forms

Please refer to Guidance on Electronic Completion & Submission of PGR Forms.

PGR forms requiring Graduate Research Studies Board (GRSB) consideration must be submitted to Student Awards, Registry at at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.

Please click here for Registry submission deadlines. 

One Page Guide to Forms

  • Please click on the following link for information on - How to Apply
  • PGR2 - Please follow this link to access the online system:
  • PGR3 - Transfer to / Confirmation on the PhD Register (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR4 - Notification of Intention to Submit Thesis for Examination (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR6 - Examination Report for the Award of a Higher Degree (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR7 - Thesis Access Consent Form (WORD)  (PDF)
  • PGR8 - Application for Temporary Restriction of Access to the Thesis (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR12 - E-thesis Submission Declaration Form  (WORD)  (PDF)
  • PGR13 - Permission to Reside / Carry Out Research Abroad (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR14 - Request for Extension to Maximum Registration Period OR Re-admission to the Research Programme        (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR15 - Application for Transfer/Advanced Entry to Postgraduate Research Programme (WORD) (PDF)
  • R-32R - Application for Deferral (WORD) (PDF) Note: Please review Guidelines on Deferral for Research Students prior to application. 
  • R103 - Change of Supervisory and / or Panel Member Arrangements (WORD) (PDF)
  • HD1- Notification of Intention to Submit for the Award of a Higher Doctorate (WORD) (PDF)
  • HD2 - Assessor's Report for the Award of a Higher Doctorate (WORD) (PDF)

Visiting Research Students

  • R-26H Visiting Research Student Application Form (WORD) (PDF)

Professional Doctorate Students

Examination Forms
Examination Forms

Examinations Forms

Extenuating circumstances allows students to identify specific circumstances, which have had a significant impact on their ability to complete assessment to the best of their ability.  See more detailed Guide for Extenuating Circumstances (R30)

  • R-30 Extenuating Circumstances Form (PDF) (Word)


If you know in advance that you will not be in a position to submit or take your assessment when scheduled then you may request a postponement of assessment/examination through the R33 process. See more detailed Guide for Postponement of Assessment (R33)

  • R-33 Application for Postponement of Assessment / Examination (PDF) (Word)


There are a number of options available to a student whose examination results does not meet their expectations.   Further information on these options, as well as information on research and disciplinary appeals, can be viewed on the Appeals Information page.


  • R-42 Request to Exit with an Alternative (Lesser Credit) Award (Word) (PDF)
  • R-42A - Request to Exit with a BA in Education Award (PDF) (Word)