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Each Application Form is listed under the categories below:

Change to Registration
Request a Change to Registration

Request a Change to Registration

Undergraduate Students:

  • R-32 Application for Deferral of Academic Year (Taught Programmes) (Word) (PDF)
  • R-40 Application for Leave of Absence (Word)  (PDF)
  • Withdrawal - For current registered students please log into the Student Apps page - My Details (i-enabler log in) to withdraw directly. For all others please withdraw through this link.
Post Grad
Postgraduate Research Forms

Postgraduate Research Student Forms

PLEASE NOTE: These forms should be submitted in TYPED format at least 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting of the Graduate Research Studies Board (GRSB). HANDWRITTEN FORMS WILL BE RETURNED.

One Page Guide to Forms

  • Please click on the following link for information on - How to Apply
  • PGR2 - Please follow this link to access the online system:
  • PGR3 - Transfer to / Confirmation on the PhD Register (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR4 - Notification of Intention to Submit Thesis for Examination (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR6 - Examination Report for the Award of a Higher Degree (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR7 - Thesis Access Consent Form (WORD)  (PDF)
  • PGR8 - Application for Temporary Restriction of Access to the Thesis (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR12 - E-thesis Submission Declaration Form  (WORD)  (PDF)
  • PGR13 - Permission to Reside / Carry Out Research Abroad (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR14 - Request for Extension to Maximum Registration Period OR Re-admission to the Research Programme        (WORD) (PDF)
  • PGR15 - Application for Transfer/Advanced Entry to Postgraduate Research Programme (WORD) (PDF)
  • R-32R - Application for Deferral (WORD) (PDF) Note: Please review Guidelines on Deferral for Research Students prior to application. 
  • R103 - Change of Supervisory and / or Panel Member Arrangements (WORD) (PDF)
  • HD1- Notification of Intention to Submit for the Award of a Higher Doctorate (WORD) (PDF)
  • HD2 - Assessor's Report for the Award of a Higher Doctorate (WORD) (PDF)

Visiting Research Students

  • R-26H Visiting Research Student Application Form (WORD) (PDF)

Professional Doctorate Students

Examination Forms
Examination Forms

Examinations Forms

FAQ's for R-30 and R-33