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Performance Sport - CAO Points Concession 

DCU has put in place a special academic entry scheme for performance athletes at undergraduate level. A number of academic places offering a CAO points concession are reserved for outstanding candidates who have achieved a very high level of sporting performance and who are committed to continuing to develop their sporting and academic careers. All applicants must present the DCU general entry and programme entry requirements, as outlined in the DCU prospectus. Under this scheme, applicants are not assessed solely on the basis of their academic performance, their sporting achievements are also taken into consideration. Applicants should apply through CAO by the normal closing date of 1st February or before the late closing date of 1st May and complete a DCU online application form below.  The closing date for applications is 5.15pm on the 1st of May 2023.  Paper applications or late applications will not be accepted.

Sport Scholarships

DCU supports the holistic development of talented athletes and recognises their increasing need to successfully balance both academic and sporting commitments. DCU facilitates this vision through the Sports Scholarship Programme. The DCU Sports Scholarship programme offers a wide range of support services for talented athletes as part of a balanced approach to training, performance and academic excellence. The programme is an athlete led development programme whereby a network of support services and expertise are tailored to the individual needs of the athlete. The programme grades support depending on the athlete's achievement, potential and need, with the objective of remaining flexible to support the diverse needs of the athlete. 

Sport Scholarships are offered to eligible students that have met the DCU admission requirements through the CAO system and are enrolled on a programme of academic study at DCU. The offer of a Sport Scholarship award does not include a reduction in points or the offer of an academic place at DCU. Performance athletes that wish to be considered for a reduction in entry criteria will need to apply for the CAO Points Concession Programme. 


Making an application

There is one application form for both programmes and you must indicate if you wish to apply for one or both programmes

 - The Performance Sport online application form will open on the 1st February 2024.

- The closing date for applications is 5.15pm on the 1st of May 2024. Paper applications or late applications will not be accepted.  

 - Click here for information on what sports are considered and frequently asked questions about CAO Points Concession and Sport Scholarships.

Applications for Performance Sport CAO Points Concession and Sport Scholarship programmes for 2024-2025 will open on 1st February 2024.

Application Form 


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Note: If your sporting achievements have changed after submission of this form, please email ugadmissions@dcu.ie and we can amend your application. 

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