R42 - Request to Exit Programme with an Alternative (Lesser Credit) Award

Please complete the application below to request to exit from your current programme of study with an alternative (lesser credit) award where this is available. 

Please note that forms received will  be processed at the next Progression and Award Board.

Submission Deadlines

Semester One 2023/24:

Monday 27th November 2023

Semester Two 2023/24:

Monday 1st April 2024

August 2023/24:

Monday 8th July 2024

November 2023/24:

Monday 23rd September 2024

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Alternative Award Request Details
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MA in Psychotherapeutic Studies
Undergraduate Diploma
Graduate Diploma
Graduate Certificate
BA in Education Studies
BA in Religious Education
Diploma in Education Studies
Professional Certificate
Undergraduate Certificate
Student Declaration

I hereby confirm that I wish to exit my current programme with the associated award as indicated above. I understand that my registration on the current programme will therefore be cancelled.

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