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School of Physical Sciences

Dr Lampros Nikolopoulos

Physical Sciences

Name: Dr Lampros Nikolopoulos
Department: Physical Sciences
Role: Academic
Phone Number: Ext. 700 5300
Email Address: Lampros.nikolopoulos@dcu.ie
Room: N140
Campus: DCU Glasnevin Campus

Biographical Details

Lecturer in School of Physical Sciences Other posts include SFI Stokes Lectureship (2009-2013), Queen's Univ. of Belfast/UK (EIF Marie Curie Fellow 2007-09), Aarhus Univ/DK (Post doc 2006-07), Univ of Peloponnese/GR (Visiting Prof. 2003-06), IESL-FORTH/GR ( Post-doc 1999-2003)

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