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Civic Engagement Office

Civic Engagement

What is Civic Engagement?

Civic Engagement is a cornerstone of DCU’s uniqueness. DCU aims to be a driver of social and economic development in our local and regional community (Transforming Lives, Transforming Society)

Civic engagement is best defined as a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and the community, understood in its broadest sense to encompass local, national and global individuals and associations committed to social, economic, political and cultural development. It encompasses a range of activities through which staff and students engage with the needs of communities and also seek a development of their own social understanding though active and global citizenship. In brief, civic engagement means working to 'make a difference' in the civic life of our communities through the development of appropriate knowledge, skills and values.

 Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning at DCU is led by DCU in the Community an outreach centre in the heart of Ballymun committed to ‘Social Regeneration through Education’ networked in with other local providers to support educational capacity building.

 Community Based Research

Community Based Research is being advanced by the Community Knowledge Exchange which mobilizes the research base of DCU to serve Community needs and create a two way knowledge flow between the university and the community.


Student Volunteering at DCU is coordinated through  a new on-line facility for student volunteering :

 Measuring Civic Engagement

DCU has led an initiative on Measuring Civic Engagement which provides robust metrics on the value of civic engagement for the university and the community.

 Campus Engage

DCU played a leading role in establishing the national platform for civic engagement Campus Engage which promotes Community Based Learning, Community Based Research and Student Volunteering across the higher education system.


DCU supports the work of NorDubCo which promotes social and economic regeneration across North Dublin.

 The North South Social Innovation Network

The North-South Social Innovation Network (NSSIN) has been established to create a forward- looking policy and practice framework to allow for productive cross border social innovation collaboration in the areas of justice, health, education, enterprise and culture.

President's Award for Engagement 

 The importance of civic engagement at DCU  is acknowledged through  the  annual President’s Award for Engagement and is coordinated through the Civic Engagement Forum.